Monday, 18 August 2014

Matthew Lotze Held Many Key Positions At Numerous Business Enterprises

Matthew Lotze is a real estate investor with many skills, and he knows how to handle various tasks, which present a challenge to him in everyday life. Currently, Mr. Lotze is developing numerous properties throughout southern california.

Managed Many Businesses

In the past, he has founded and developed numerous companies as a CEO, and played a significant role in converting them into large scale business enterprises with the help of his brilliant business tactics. These companies include Real Outlets Stores, Real Estate Developers, Inc., LiquidationsRus, Inc., American Fundraisers, Inc LLC, Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc., Nations Best Franchise, Inc., and American Marketing Company, Inc.

Success of Real Outlets Stores, LLC

From the period of 1995 to 2005, he was the CEO of Real Outlets Stores, LLC. He was the man responsible for exporting and importing from 7 different nations that also includes negotiating with dealers while purchasing goods, offering proper training to key employees of the company, and sourcing of products. He also created a retail system of liquidating distressed and overstocked commodities by developing a chain of internet sales sites, and retail outlets with a centralized wholesale and distribution location. He provided training and came up with an effective management system for 75 to 100 employees. It was built to address all features of human resources, including workers compensation, payroll, risk management, CFO duties, medical and forecasting, cash flow, P & L review. After all his efforts, Matthew Lotze managed to generate the annual revenue of $12 million.

CEO of Real Estate Developers

Matt Lotze also offered exceptional services to Real Estate Developers, Inc as the CEO of the company. He carried out commercial real estate development, and property management services for more than 300,000 square feet. In addition, he also redeveloped strip centers and renovated under developed communities. He used Cheezy Pizza and Real Outlets as tenants, advertising drawls, and anchors within under-performing strip centers. Besides this, he negotiated for purchases, management agreements, and whole center leases. Some of his other duties included doing negotiations, supervising leases, property maintenance, guiding and training major employees, collections, TI, unlawful detainer actions, expansions, etc.

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