Monday, 13 October 2014

Matt Lotze takes business investing to a new level

Matt Lotze is a highly experienced and extremely talented entrepreneur who has expertise over wide variety of business ventures. He is a real estate and business investor with specialised skills and abilities which he has earned due to his various ventures. With the experience of working many well recognized top charted companies, he has advised over 40 corporations on business structuring, management, legal Consulting and audits and streamlining business functions. Lotze has offices in San Diego California, Big Bear Lake California and Boston Massachusetts.

Lotze currently working in Big Bear Lake California has placed his current companies in an excellent position with Mammoth Mountains current acquisition of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Lotze states "it is exciting time in Big Bear we are going to see lots of changes and that's the community I hope we can form them to the better." Lotze family has been long time property owners in Big Bear since 1977. "I have been coming to Big Bear my entire life, Big Bear is such a part of who I have become today it only seems fitting that I give back to the community."

In a time when most investors were fleeing the area Matt Lotze and Laura Ohman came in purchasing distressed real estate and helping stabilize fledging economy. Lots current expansion plans are to include hotels, shopping centers and various wedding venues.

In the early stages of his career, Matt Lotze founded several companies Real Outlets Stores, LLC as a CEO in 1995 where he dedicatedly handled all of his responsibilities. At this company, he has diligently taken care of wide range of services of commercial real estate development and property management over 300,000 square feet. He was also in-charge of community redevelopment and renovation process. Being a inquisitive personality, he never limited himself to only a particular area rather he spread his feet of success in various other reputed companies. He has served the prestigious position of CEO to various other organizations that includes Liquidations Rus, Inc., American Fundraisers, Inc LLC, Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc., Nations Best Franchise, Inc., and American Marketing Company, Inc.

By working in all these top charted companies, Matt Lotze has gained expertise over wide variety of areas of management that includes:

- employee management,
- corporate streamlining,
- corporate organization,
- legal audits,
- business start up,
- risk management,
- franchising,
- legal auditing to analyze loss exposure in a company's infrastructure,
- contract negotiations,
- loan modification negotiations,
- loss mitigation, and
- contract review

All the aforementioned tasks clearly depicts that Matt Lotze has expertise over many things which makes him a sound management professional. Besides this, he got fluency over six languages. When not working, he likes to take part in different types of sports such as tennis, wakeboard skating, skiing etc. he is also fond of dancing and cooking. But all this aside the pride and joy of his life and his 3 year old daughter Lily. Lotze looks forward to many years of expanding and investing in Big Bear and making the area a place he would be proud raises daughter in.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Matt Lotze Has Served As The CEO At Many Reputed Companies

Matt Lotze is a highly acknowledged and well experience entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with vast years of experience in handling multiple tasks. At present, he is working in the Big Bear Lake California area purchasing vacation rentals and real estate. During his career span, he has worked with various reputed companies and served there with a prestigious position of CEO. Here, take a look at a list of companies where he handled various responsibilities with expertise and success. 

* Real Outlets Stores

* Liquidations Rus, Inc.

* American Fundraisers, Inc LLC

* Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc.

* Nations Best Franchise, Inc. and

* American Marketing Company, Inc.

Other than this, Matt Lotze also founded a chain of retail stores with $25 million annual sales. He has founded, managed and organized seven companies and possesses the knowledge of all practical working aspects. He owned and managed a chain of 6 Pizza restaurants which shows that he has a special talent of corporate streamlining. With the best of his specialization in performing various business tasks, he is proficient in corporate streamlining, legal audits, corporate organization, business start up, risk management, employee management, contract review, franchising, contract negotiations, legal auditing to scrutinize loss exposure in a company's infrastructure, loan modification negotiations, and loss mitigation.

Lotze in his career has also overcome tragedy and failure. But has use these instances a stepping stones for further success and knowledge. Lotze states "there is no such thing as failure there is only the cost of the learning lesson".

Currently Mammoth Mountain is purchasing Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Lotze believes this will be good for the Big Bear Valley area bringing in new capital and new ideas. Matt Lotze family has owned property in the Big Bear Lake area for over 35 years. When asked if you thought this would destroy the small town feel of Big Bear, Lodge replied "the sale of the mountain will change Big Bear. I know it will destroy it. Change is like the wind you can correct it you could enjoy it and you can ride it but stopping it is not going to happen".