Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Matt Lotze Has Years Of Experience In His Pocket As A Business Management And Law Advisor

Matt Lotze, who holds immense professional experience, knows how to face and tackle multiple complex and challenging tasks. Right now, he serves as a business management and law advisor.

He was a successful CEO in a number of different business enterprises that includes Real Outlets Stores, Real Estate Developers, Inc., LiquidationsRus, Inc., American Fundraisers, Inc LLC, Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc., Nations Best Franchise, Inc., and American Marketing Company, Inc.

In 1995, Matt Lotze started working as a CEO in Real Outlets Stores, LLC, and by the time it was 2005, he had successfully developed a completely reliable retail system of liquidating distressed and overstocked commodities by building a long chain of internet sales sites, and retail outlets, that had a fully centralized wholesale and distribution location.

He dedicatedly fulfills his responsibilities of exporting and importing from seven different nations, sourcing of products, purchasing of goods while doing proper negotiations with the dealers, and offering complete training to the important employees of the company.

He prepared an excellent training and management system for 75 to 100 employees. The main objective behind making that system was to address all features of human resources such as workers compensation, payroll, risk management, CFO duties, medical and forecasting, cash flow, and P&L review. As he was fully committed to his duties, he managed to generate an annual revenue of $12 million.

Matt Lotze was also appointed as the CEO of Real Estate Developers, Inc. He offered his exceptional services to the company with the help of his unmatched skill set. He brilliantly carried out property management, and commercial real estate development services over 300,000 square feet. He also looked after strip center as well as community redevelopment and renovation processes.

Matt Lotze holds many years of business and legal expertise in his hands. He is fluent in six languages. On the personal front, he likes to participate in different kinds of sports such as playing and coaching tennis, wakeboard boating, skiing, etc. He is also fond of dancing and cooking.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Matthew Lotze Owned A Chain Of Six Pizza Restaurants

Matthew Lotze is a successful San Diego based business management and law advisor. In his profession, he has advised over 40 corporations on business structuring and management; and also for legal matters. His key specializations include management of employees, corporate streamlining, corporate organization, legal audits, business start up, risk management, franchising, legal auditing to analyze loss exposure in a company’s infrastructure, contract negotiations, and loss mitigation. He also worked at a reputed law firm

He has established, handled, and organized seven different companies that include Real Estate Developers, Inc., Real Outlets Stores, LLC, LiquidationsRus, Inc., Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc., Nations Best Franchise, Inc., American Marketing Company, Inc., and American Fundraisers, Inc. Working as a CEO, he possesses practical, concrete, and working knowledge of each company. Apart from this, he has supervised a team of 4 senior managers with over 350 employees. He has an exceptional skills set when it comes to handling Human Resources, legal systems, operational issues, compliance and start up issues. On the other hand, Matthew Lotze established a chain of retail stores that generated $25 million annual sales. He owned and administrated a chain of six pizza restaurants.

Matthew Lotze developed a nontraditional MBA internship program in 1998, which placed around 30 MBA students every year from 15 different universities on a 3 months long replacement period. He has created new programs that involve 20 to 30 managers and trainers. Besides this, he has trained individuals from numerous renowned universities in this program. He has prepared the structure of the program and also taught selling skills, retail markets, and technical business modules.

Matthew Lotze understands his responsibilities as a philanthropist, and has made his contribution to several organizations, such as Soroptimist International, Special Olympics, Old Miners Association of Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Youth Soccer League, California State Parks, Habitat for Humanity, Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts of America, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, etc. On the personal front, he likes to play tennis, and also known as a fantastic dancer.