Thursday, 18 September 2014

Matt Lotze: Holds An MBA In Business Management

Matt Lotze holds rich experience and has a diverse range of skills in the business management area. He has served a number of firms. Matt lives in San Diego, CA. He provides excellent advise in various areas including contract negotiations, loss mitigation, legal audits, risk management, corporate streamlining, employee management, contract review, and many more. He has managed a team of four Senior Managers with more than 350 working professionals.

From 2005 to 2014, he worked for Law Offices Of Abanolaw. He has expertise in business management, structuring, and legal matters as well. Prior to working in this firm, he has been associated with many companies including Real Outlets Stores, LLC, Real Estate Developers, Cheezy Pizza Company, LiquidationsRus, American Marketing Company, Nations Best Franchise, and American Fundraisers.

Matt Lotze is a BA business degree holder from the University of Colorado Business. In addition, he attended the University of Colorado Business Graduate School and attained the MBA Business Management degree. He is fluent in 6 languages and loves dancing, cooking, skiing, wakeboard boating, and playing tennis.

From 1998 till 2005, he has been involved in MBA Internship Employment Program. He helped a large number of students from top universities in improving their business skills. During this time, he:

- Learned all aspects of business management in various industries.
- Established new programs which had managers and trainers between 20 to 30.
- Served the retail and services industry by presenting a special series for a successful career in it.

The whole structure of the program including selling skills, business modules, and the retail markets was prepared by Matt Lotze. 7 companies were involved in this program whom it helped to enhance product quality, employee relations, sales, and cost efficiencies.

He served American Fundraisers for five years from 1991 till 1996. At this company, he created a warehouse and distribution system for products and negotiated with suppliers across the globe, and formed motivational presentations. When he was at Nations Best Franchise, he oversaw sales staff, created and protected franchise, intellectual property and trademarks.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Matt Lotze Has Served Many Reputed Organizations With Dedication

Matt Lotze is a highly experienced management professional and a real estate investor with exceptional skills and abilities. Based in San Diego, CA he has experience of working with many reputed companies and advised over 40 corporations on business structuring and management and legal matters. In the year 1995, he served Real Outlets Stores, LLC as a CEO and dedicatedly fulfilled his responsibilities with his unmatched skill set. He meticulously handled the services of commercial real estate development and property management of over 300,000 square feet of land. He was also the in-charge of community redevelopment and renovation process.

His position as a CEO is not limited to Real Estate Developers Inc, but he has served this prestigious position at various other organizations that includes Real Outlets Stores, Liquidations Rus, Inc., American Fundraisers, Inc LLC, Cheezy Pizza Company, Inc., Nations Best Franchise, Inc., and American Marketing Company, Inc. He provided the best of his services in every organization he worked for. In 2005, Matt Lotze developed a completely reliable retail system of liquidating distressed and overstocked commodities by building a long chain of internet sales sites and retail outlets, which had a fully centralized wholesale and distribution location. Other than this, he also established a chain of retail stores with $25 million annual sales. Besides this, he also owned and administered a completed chain of 6 Pizza restaurants.

With a over 20 years of experience, Matt Lotze has gained expertise over a wide variety of areas of management that includes employee management, corporate streamlining, corporate organization, legal audits, business start up, risk management, franchising, and legal auditing to analyze loss exposure in a company's infrastructure, contract negotiations, loan modification negotiations, loss mitigation, and contract review. He is fluent in six languages. When not busy with his professional life, he likes to take part in different types of sports such as tennis, wakeboard skating, skiing etc. He is also fond of dancing and cooking.